New Services Provided Through Colorado Legal Services

New Service Provided Through Colorado Legal Services Submitted by Amy Keckler Licensed Social Worker August 19, 2021 Hello! My name is Amy Keckler, and I am a new addition to the Colorado Legal Services staff. I am a Licensed Social Worker relocating from Norfolk, Virginia to work with the 60 year and older population in … Read moreNew Services Provided Through Colorado Legal Services

Project Angle Heart

Project Angle Heart February 17, 2021 Submitted by: Desiree Townsend, digital marketing coordinator   Project Angel Heart was founded in 1991 to address a major challenge for Coloradans who are ill: getting the nutrition they need to get stronger, heal, and remain at home. Thirty years later, Project Angel Heart promotes health and wellbeing by … Read moreProject Angle Heart

Elder Abuse Part 1

                                    ELDER ABUSE                                      Part 1- Isolation                              Submitted by Kathy Lowry                     Director of the Teller Senior Coalition   Approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60 and over have experienced some form of elder abuse. Estimates range as high as 5 million elderly are abused each year. Those numbers were reported before March, 2020, … Read moreElder Abuse Part 1

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