Project Angle Heart

Project Angle Heart February 17, 2021 Submitted by: Desiree Townsend, digital marketing coordinator   Project Angel Heart was founded in 1991 to address a major challenge for Coloradans who are ill: getting the nutrition they need to get stronger, heal, and remain at home. Thirty years later, Project Angel Heart promotes health and wellbeing by … Read moreProject Angle Heart

Elder Abuse Part 1

                                    ELDER ABUSE                                      Part 1- Isolation                              Submitted by Kathy Lowry                     Director of the Teller Senior Coalition   Approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60 and over have experienced some form of elder abuse. Estimates range as high as 5 million elderly are abused each year. Those numbers were reported before March, 2020, … Read moreElder Abuse Part 1

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