Caregiving during the Holidays

Caregiving During the Holidays

December 22, 2020

Submitted: Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging Family Caregiver Staff


We all know that 2020 has been a challenging year, and the holidays can magnify the changes in our lives. Redefine the holiday season while caregiving during this pandemic with these gifts for yourself:


Joy – give yourself a break from all the media hype. Set your own standards about what brings you joy, not what Pinterest or Facebook tells you to decorate or buy.


Peace – choose one holiday thing that makes you heart happy instead of trying to get ALL the traditions done. Less “do” and more “experience” will bring a sense of peace and calm.


Love – use the gift of time to talk with friends and loved ones (Zoom or Marco Polo apps have free options). You can still create memories that will stay with you for years without risking exposure to others.


Grace – give yourself grace.  This is a new and unique experience for everyone, but especially caregivers.  COVID has shifted the way we interact with others, take time for yourself to recharge and regroup.


Rest – Remember to breathe.  Take a few moments every day to focus on your breathing, and pay attention to your body.


Grow – Start a “new” tradition.  Every one of your current traditions had a starting point. Find a new activity for this year you can do that will bring you joy and be the start for a NEW tradition.


Celebrate – The Holiday season is made up of moments we spend with family and friends to connect and share our love.  This year those moments will come in phone calls, texts, emails, social media posts, holiday cards with written heartfelt thoughts and other expressions of love.


Always remember – you can ask for help.  Whether you need to vent, cry or just want to talk with someone, it is ok to ask for help and accept help when offered. The PPACG Area Agency on Aging can help connect you to resources as a caregiver or an individual. Call (719) 471-2096 for assistance and information.

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