New Year’s resolution: support your brain health

Submitted by: Jim Herlihy Senior Marketing & Communications Director New Year’s resolutions are an annual tradition for many people. Work out more…eat less…take up a new hobby… For those who want to do something meaningful that can have long-term benefits, the Alzheimer’s Association suggests that adults – particularly older adults – begin practicing 10 Ways … Read moreNew Year’s resolution: support your brain health

The Brains Behind Saving Yours

Submitted by: Jim Herlihy Senior Marketing & Communications Director When should I worry about memory loss? As we age, memories can become more elusive. We compensate. Lists on the refrigerator. Reminders to ourselves. Sticky notes all over. But what happens when memory loss begins to disrupt our daily lives? When we have difficulty completing familiar tasks? … Read moreThe Brains Behind Saving Yours

5 myths about Alzheimer’s disease

Submitted by: Jim Herlihy Marketing and Communication Director Despite being the sixth-leading cause of death, Alzheimer’s disease is frequently misdiagnosed and is not widely understood. The Alzheimer’s Association, which is the largest non-governmental source of funding for research to find a cure for the disease, reminds us that people should be aware of some common myths … Read more5 myths about Alzheimer’s disease

Honoring 16 million+ Alzheimer’s caregivers

Submitted by: RoseMary Jaramillo Regional Director Colorado Springs Alzheimer’s Association November is a time to publicly honor the millions of Americans who perform a very private and selfless act: caring for the nearly 6 million people in the U.S. living with Alzheimer’s disease. More than 16 million people are currently serving as volunteer, unpaid caregivers … Read moreHonoring 16 million+ Alzheimer’s caregivers

Community Dental Health On Top of FDA Rules For Silver Fillings

Submitted By:  Dr. Michelle Vacha, CEO Community Dental Health Community Dental Health is a leader in providing high quality care for fixed income aging populations. They have various funding avenues to help support our community. You may have heard something in the news about silver fillings. Here is more information: FDA rules for silver/amalgam fillings … Read moreCommunity Dental Health On Top of FDA Rules For Silver Fillings

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