Family Caregiving is a journey that changes everything yet the hope is that nothing will change.  We value independence and self-sufficiency.  At the Family Caregiver Support Center we specialize in helping family caregivers find needed resources.  We help clarify how using the resources will be beneficial to your loved one and to you as the caregiver.  We provide information on how to access the resources and which pieces produce the best fit for your caregiving puzzle.

But helping your loved one is more than finding the correct resources to “fix the problem(s).” It is a journey that will transform (change) how you view life and family.  And it will transfigure (reveal) everyone’s true identity.  It is an emotional journey that others don’t understand unless they have been a caregiver at one time.  At the Family Caregiver Support Center we understand the emotional roller coaster you are riding. We will assist you in getting connected to those emotional resources that will help you remain safely buckled in through the unexpected twists, turns and steep downhill drops the roller coaster ride of family caregiving produces. 

Our goal at the Family Caregiver Support Center is to provide you with information and resources that reinforce self-worth, provide meaning and give hope to both you and the family member you are supporting with your time, love and caring attention.

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