Love and Marriage Life Tips for Senior Couples

Love and Marriage Life Tips for Senior Couples


Some people meet the love of their life much later after their kids have grown and moved out or after an unsuccessful first marriage. Finding love after 50 is possible, and some couples this age or older choose to move in together, get married, and build a new life. Couples in their golden years have to navigate different challenges as a new couple. Presented by Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging, here are some tips to give senior couples the tools to make their relationship long-lasting.


Blending Families

One challenge that may come with newly-committed couples in their golden years is the blended family situation. Blending families may look a little different for older couples. Adult children and grandkids should be introduced to significant others when the relationship is serious. It may take some time to develop relationships and for everyone to feel comfortable with the new partnership.


Combining Finances

The next issue for senior couples is their budget. Couples in this age range may already be in retirement. The couple has to work together to create a budget that is realistic for their lifestyle. Seniors may have to start taking Social Security benefits, or they may have a retirement account or pension. The couple can pool their income to get more purchasing power for monthly expenses.


Building a Business

Another option to increase income is to start a business. Two people in love could strengthen their bond more by running a business. Seniors could use their experience from past careers to start a freelancing or consulting venture that allows for flexibility with their work hours. The couple should think about starting a limited liability company for tax benefits, easier paperwork, flexibility, and limited personal liability. They should review any laws or regulations for filing an LLC in their state for clarification.


Buying a Home Together

Another big step towards a life together is buying a home. The couple could downsize their current homes and combine finances to purchase something different. One-floor living is ideal for better mobility and convenience. More than 36 million seniors fall each year, so a space without stairs may be much better for safety.


Planning Vacations

Senior couples can also spend more quality time with one another by planning vacations. Retired couples may want to travel to warmer destinations during the winter so they can avoid bad weather. Some couples take advantage of the time they have during retirement and start traveling to different countries. There are lots of tour companies that specialize in tours for seniors.


Managing Health

Couples in their golden years also have to prioritize their health. They can support each other by practicing healthy habits together, such as eating right, staying active, and going to doctor’s appointments with each other. It’s also important to understand Medicare benefits and coverage for any private health insurance.


Making Other Big Decisions

A couple that is older also has to have conversations about the future. They need to make decisions about end-of-life care and long-term care, if necessary. The couple may need to work with a lawyer to write a living will or a health directive in case one person gets sick or is incapacitated. They also should get their children involved in big decisions when appropriate.


When a couple decides to commit to each other, they have to work as a team to make their lives fit. Seniors have unique challenges when getting married or moving in together, but they can still find happiness and fun with someone the second time around.



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