Moving Through and Moving Forward: A Resource Portal in a Time of Crisis

There are many lessons to be learned in the midst of the global pandemic we find ourselves entrenched in. I believe we have to expect more of ourselves, both as individuals and as organizations, and I am confident that the El Paso County community will see itself strengthen as leaders rally around innovative changes. This new older adult resource portal is certainly one such example of growth. Through the drive of the Innovations in Aging Collaborative and the PPACG Area Agency on Aging, we can finally point to a sustainable resource for Age Friendly services that will empower our older adults to age on their own terms. Now that we have launched the portal it is our responsibility to market it and ensure utilization. The more people access the portal, the more valuable it will be and the more it can adapt to meet the needs of our diverse local community.

I believe that this online resource will have long-lasting value, but I also want to call attention to the roll it can play in our present situation. COVID-19 has placed incredible stresses on many of our caregivers and older adults. There is an impetus to ensure that this population knows what resources exist for them locally. The Portal contains dedicated COVID-19 resources as well as services across other domains of living that may be affected in unprecedented ways, such as finances and housing. The launch of this portal is a phenomenal start to creating positive change. If we show resilience and a willingness to learn in the face of this crisis, then we will emerge stronger as a community than we were before.


Ken Jenson

Board Chair, Innovations in Aging Collaborative

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