Program to Encourage Active Rewarding Lives for Seniors

May 12, 2021

PEARLS Program of Colorado Springs

Submitted by Cynthia Margiotta


In May we acknowledge both the strength of older people and Mental Health. As we once again walk into spring I am brought to that woman down the street. You know her she sits alone at her window not moving from the chair. Is she sleeping, watching tv, or just so a lone in the world she has no reason to move. This is the story for so many of us once we reach “that stage”. Why is this what we have to look forward to in our life? Loneliness, our children are off living there lives no time for mom our spouse of 40 years died 2 years ago. What do we have now? Loneliness. We haven’t found our way over that hump in the road that I call “glued to the couch”. We all have days like that but months, years?
Glued to the couch, let me explain it. Bear with me. I love my house plants they give me joy. It takes about 5-6 gallons a week to water them all but once in a while I see they need water but as hard as I try or as much as I want to water them I can’t get up to do it. I’m glued to the couch. Older adults have built strength over their lives through successes, failures, joys, and difficulties but loneliness?  May is both mental health and Older adults month. If you know the older woman, or man, in the window there is more for her than being glued to the couch there is the PEARLS program of Colorado here in El Paso county. There are many things we all can do to nurture ourselves, reinforce our strength, and continue to thrive PEARLS can help find that again they don’t need to break through this loneliness or sadness alone. We can help her get unglued and find her strength and joy. We coach them in finding the things in life that give them a reason to get off the couch. Let us help her or you.

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